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We encourage you to take time to read the Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. serves as a hotel booking engine with respect to on-line reservations and requests.

It has been created and designed to provide users with information such as rates and availbility and the ability to make and/or cancel reservations.

A further and most significant aim is to facilitate users travel experience to the hotels.

The design and development, layout, marketing strategies and web techniques used are the Intellectual Property of

The hotel descriptions, reviews, photographs, rates and other details have been provided by and are the ownership of the particular hotel.

In general, the information provided and content published is on as ‘as is’ basis and without warranty.
In a joint effort, and the patner hotels try to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date for our users benefit.

Permission is given to users to:

view the material offered on
save that information only for personal non-commercial use or reference
No attempt should be made to further copy, modify, use or distribute the information in any way unless you obtain the express written permission from the relevant party.

Last updated: November 11 2010

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